Frequently Asked Question

Do you have a course for traditional painting?

Yes. The Laws of Color Oil Painter’s bundle is designed and created for painting in traditional mediums . Like the Photoshop version there are information packed lectures. What makes the Oil Painter’s bundle different are the step by step demonstrations in oil paint.

With the Oil Painter’s bundle, you will also get bonus materials specially designed for traditional painters. First, there are two bonus painting demonstrations in oil.

Bonus Demo #1 – Painting in monochrome blue

Bonus Demo #2 – Warm and cool painting demonstration

These demonstrations are designed to help you expand your color vocabulary which help to make you a better colorist and painter.

The Oil Painter’s Bundle also includes both of the homework and exercise guides. Each homework exercise can be completed in any traditional medium.

If you want to learn more about the oil painting version of the course, see video below…

If you’re ready to create colorful paintings like an expert and make your color better than ever, click here to get instance access to the Oil Painting Bundle…

If I paint in watercolor or gouache can I still benefit from the course?
Yes of course. The Laws of Color will teach you the core principles of color that I learned from great master painters like Steve Huston and Nathan Fowkes. Both of these artists use multiple mediums like oil, gouache and watercolor.

Because the Laws of Color are principles they can be applied to any medium. If you want to see an example of how I use the Laws of Color in watercolor, see video below…


If you’re ready to make your paintings much more colorful, vibrant with consistent results, click here to get instance access to the traditional painting version of the course…


“Got it the first day it came out and loving it. Already feels like it’s such a large leap from where I was to how I’m beginning to catch on to color and mixing. Thank you very much.”

-Jose Montoya, Los Angeles, Tattoo Artist

I’m a Beginner, is this course right for me?
Although this course has foundational topics on color, painting and using digital painting techniques it is recommended for intermediate to advanced artists.

Even though this is a digital painting course, the portrait demonstrations will require at least basic head drawing experience and skills. So much of the skills required to create art digitally is still rooted in core drawing fundamentals.

If you are beginner at head drawing, I recommend this resource…

This course will not cover the basics of oil painting materials. If that ‘s the case, then we recommend starting with this resource…

What if I don’t know Photoshop, can I still take the course?
Because this is a digital painting and color course with Photoshop techniques in the demonstration, at least a beginner to intermediate level knowledge of Photoshop is required.

If you want to paint digitally, but have never used Photoshop or using digital software I recommend this resource…

Is there a Money Back guarantee?
Yes, If you are not satisfied with the course, you can receive a full refund. Simply notify customer service by email to receive your refund, no questions asked.

Do you Offer Mentorship?

Yes. If you are serious want a much more immersive experience where you can get one on one guidance, expert feedback and regular critiques of your work, then a mentorship may be right for you.

Due to my professional work schedule, there are a very limited number of spaces available during each term. Available for both digital and traditional artists.