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About This Course

Updated 05/2020 English
Course Description

The Laws of Color Vol. 2 - Photoshop Edition is the sequel to the Laws of Color volume 1 color course. In this course students will learn how to mix and control multiple colors, and paint with greater confidence. If you're new to digital painting and are struggling with color, then this is the perfect course for you.

Topics Covered
  • Color theory
  • Color theory
  • How to see color
  • Working with colored lights
  • Color mixing in photoshop
  • Digital painting techniques
Bonus Files
Photoshop Brushes
HI-RES reference image (female portrait in cool light)
Homework exercise guide (pdf)


Oil Painting Edition

Welcome Course Outline 1m 18s
Chapter 1 What is the Second Law of Color? 16m 40s
Chapter 2 Color Mixing and Application - Part 1 7m 45s
Chapter 3 Color Mixing and Application - Part 2 15m 10s
Chapter 4 Cool Light Painting Demo - Part 1 13m 49s
Chapter 5 Cool Light Painting Demo - Part 2 16m 28s
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Photoshop Drawing Course

Chapter 1 The second law of color 16m 41s
Chapter 2 Process & Application - part 1 7m 47s
Chapter 3 Process & Application - part 2 15m 11s
Chapter 4 Cool light demo - part 1 17m 52s
Chapter 5 Cool light demo - part 2 17m 13s
BUY NOW - $99.00

Digitally Painting How to Videos

You may have had some fun with Photoshop art drawing using beginner articles online but are now ready to step up your game and become a professional digital artist and get paid! Laws of Color is an online video library teaching painting digitally as well as traditional painting in oil. We will cover both of our products in more details below starting with digital painting in Photoshop then discuss a bit more about the oil painting course also available for sale on this page.

Is this a Beginner Digital Painting Guide?

To be clear this is not a beginner digital painting course. This is an intermediate to advanced course that covers best in class tips and skills to teach you drawing on a professional level. The work that has gone into these videos is created by Chris Legaspi, a professional concept artist. These videos are designed to help you create and draw with more confidence in Photoshop and make Professional digital paintings.